Brendan Hines is a singer/songwriter/actor/guitar player who was raised in Baltimore, Md. to a former nun and a former priest who fled Brooklyn & the church to marry and teach Philosophy. After fascinating but failed stints as a prom photographer and a telephoning salesman Hines left Baltimore for New York & subsequently Los Angeles.

His songs are often about people who meet at street level and are primarily interested in escaping into bottles or beds. The music is folk. The sort of folk that you require to get you through a bad hangover or a broken heart; or into a binge or an unwise encounter. His songs are cautionary tales, post-love autopsies, wise-ass seductions, and ruminations on bad behavior delivered with candid whimsy, gallows humor and endlessly satisfying rhymes.

Mr. Hines underwrites his music career by acting in film & television. He writes, records and tours under the ineffective pseudonym, The Brendan Hines.

Since 2003, Hines has been performing regularly at the Hotel Cafe, the preeminent venue for singer/songwriters in Los Angeles. His first album, a collection of ten original songs entitled Good For You Know Who was released in 2007. His song, “Miss New York”, was featured in the 2010 Sundance Audience Award-winning independent film “Happythankyoumoreplease“.

September 2012 will see the release of Hines’ most recent album, Small Mistakes.

He often looks like this: